How Do You Recycle uPVC Windows?

Recycling uPVC Windows

uPVC is still one of the most popular materials used in home improvement installations, especially for window frames and doors. However, when it comes to the end-of-life for these products, they are often dumped in landfill and left; but what many people do not know is that uPVC can be very easily recycled and put straight back into production, creating a closed loop of recycling and manufacturing that can realistically mean very little new uPVC needs to actually be produced.

After many successful years operating in Europe, we here at VEKA began our UK recycling operating in 2007 and have since then managed to recycle over 10 million uPVC installation units, preventing over 1 million tonnes of C02 from entering our atmosphere and affecting climate change. We have dedicated ourselves to ensuring that as much uPVC in the UK is recycled as possible, wanting the fully close the loop on uPVC manufacturing and recycling, meaning that the UK supply of uPVC and be pretty much be indefinitely sustained.

We have been operating in the UK since 2007, and before then we already had decades of experience and good will from all across Europe for our quality recycling and business practices. Over the years, we have recycled over 10 million uPVC installations, saving over 1 million tonnes of C02 from escaping into the atmosphere through landfill. Because of this, we want to try and get as much old uPVC recycled as possible, having the process be a completely closed loop of recycling, manufacturing, installing and then being recycled again at the end-of-life after 30-40 years or so. Using this process, it is entirely possible for a uPVC window to be reused again and again over 300 years. Realistically, this means that the UK supply of uPVC can be indefinitely sustained without having to resort to more uPVC being made from scratch.

What Is Our Process?

uPVC Offcuts Recycled

By using our affordable, competitive service, you don’t have to deal with long hauls over to the tip ever again. If you have old or spare frames, as well as offcuts and extra piece of uPVC lying around your workshop after manufacturing and installation, once you are signed up with us all you need to do is collect it together and give us a call. We will then pick them up on our round, carefully planned out the maximize the number of pickups without wasting any emissions or time and take them back to our state-of-the-art facility.

Once we unload the uPVC, we can then start our easy, step-by-step process to recycle them all. We start by shredding all of the uPVC down into small chunks, before separating out all of the magnetic and metal pieces that may have been part of the frame. Once these have been removed, we can then go about reducing the pure uPVC in size and separating out the coloured plastic, which we will then strip back down to the original plain white. After that, the uPVC is then put through a pelletising process and turned into small uPVC tablet-shapes that can then be put back into the manufacturing process to create brand new uPVC units.

This process does not affect the quality of the uPVC in any way, making it indistinguishable from non-recycled uPVC in either appearance, quality or performance. uPVC can actually be recycled up to ten times, meaning that they can still be used in making windows after 300 years without losing its quality.

Saving You Money And Hassle

Door Recycling

Not only is our collection process much easier for you than making that journey to and from the tip with all of your uPVC, it is also much cheaper and more economically conscious. Tips and landfills typically charge a set price for labourers and manufacturers dumping materials, but VEKA’s prices vary from company to company depending on the amount you have, the size of your company and other similar factors.

Also, dumping uPVC can come right out of your profit, throwing away perfectly good uPVC that could easily be reused without having to fork out for brand new units.

Our uPVC Recycling Mission

• Over the years to come we aim to continue the fight against public and industry preconceptions about recycled uPVC in the UK. Many UK companies still use brand new uPVC over recycled, thinking that the brand new material is better than the recycled one when there is literally no difference in quality between them.

• We also want to see an increase in the number of manufacturers and installation companies offering recycled uPVC units as a unique selling point, which could massively help increase demand for recycled over brand new uPVC.

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