Can You Recycle PVC?

There are many homeowners searching, “can you recycle PVC?”, we are the largest PVC recycling company in the UK and can help you get rid of your old windows and doors. Each PVC product can be recycled up to ten times and have a total lifespan of up to 350 years. Collectively, we can improve the sustainability of our industry by recycling PVC that boasts fantastic performance.

PVC is a fantastic material for windows and doors as it provides many practical benefits, including thermal efficiency and durability. PVC installations will keep homes secure throughout the year and adapt to each weather condition. By recycling PVC, we can save any unnecessary waste going to landfill and provide years of benefits.

Here at VEKA Recycling, we work with our sister company VEKA Compounds, to recycle tired PVC and compress it down into pellets that can be sold to manufacturers. We designed each part of our PVC recycling process to be as sustainable as possible. You can recycle PVC with us, knowing that you contribute to our mission to provide eco-friendly products.

Our Mission

We aim to improve the sustainability of our industry and provide long-term solutions for homeowners across the UK. Each PVC product can last between 30-40 years, and can be recycled up to ten times. In total, PVC windows and doors can last up to 350 years and provide you with a cost-effective solution.

We work with industry-leading waste management companies in the UK to reach customers throughout the country. Based in Northamptonshire, we can reach both customers and our refurbishment sites easily. We make sure that we choose routes that are convenient and offer less time on the road.

When you choose to recycle PVC with us, you can have confidence that we work to the highest standards. We are one of over 250,000 companies with the ISO 14001 certificate, a globally recognised accreditation for environmental management. Our certificate certifies that we work to reduce pollution and manage our resources effectively. So far, we have achieved:  

  • 25,000 uPVC windows recycled
  • 5000 refitted uPVC units
  • 3,000,000 tones on CO2 saved.

PVC Recycling Process

We want you to have confidence that when you recycle PVC, you know that we use the most environmentally friendly process. Our low emission vehicles collect multiple PVC products at once and use routes that require less time on the road to lower the carbon footprint. Once your PVC is taken to our sorting facility, we then begin the recycling process.

We start the PVC recycling we shredding the material and sorting it into sizes. Our machinery then removes any metal from the PVC, including handles and locks. You do not have to worry about removing them yourselves, as we have the tools to do this. We continue to remove any non-PVC materials and size reduction to compress them efficiently.

The PVC is then sorted into colours to recycle and make the appropriate type of pellets. The final stage is to use our melt filtration system to turn the recycled PVC into contamination-free pellets. You can recycle PVC effectively, knowing that we will provide high-quality pellets that will make eco-friendly windows and doors.

PVC Recycling Benefits

Our recycled PVC brings many environmental benefits to both the industry and the economy. Landfill is extremely expensive to manage, so recycling PVC is a a cheaper and sustainable alternative to getting rid of your old PVC windows and doors. 

Our entire PVC recycling process is made to be hassle-free and convenient for our customers. The free collection service and our hardware removal tools mean that you do not have to worry about handling your windows and doors. By producing eco-friendly pellets, future homeowners can relax knowing that their new PVC boasts excellent benefits and are sustainable.

PVC Recycling is an important process, and we have gone through regular testing to ensure that we are carrying out industry-leading processes. We started recycling in 2007 throughout Europe and bought our skills over to the UK. Our ISO 14001 certificate shows that we work towards improving our industry’s environmental impact and reducing the amount of pollution.

Recycled PVC Prices

As experts in recycled PVC, we can advise you on our recycling process and take you through step by step how we recycle. We understand that you may have some questions for us, and we will be more than happy to help.

You can get in touch through our online contact form, and a member of our team will answer any queries that you may have. If you have any pressing questions, you can give us a call on 01933 427750. We look forward to helping you recycle your old PVC and working together to become more environmentally friendly.

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