Disposing of Old uPVC Windows

Disposing of your old uPVC windows is easy with VEKA Recycling. Our services promote sustainability as we reuse underperforming uPVC windows and transform them into brand-new profiles. Recycle your old uPVC with us, and they’ll go into our supply chain.

VEKA has been offering our uPVC recycling process since 2007, from which we’ve grown into a market-leading company. Disposing of old uPVC windows could end up in a landfill if done so incorrectly. However, with our easy recycling process, you won’t have to worry about this.

Our aim here at VEKA is to prevent overuse of landfills, by recycling uPVC windows and doors. This is where our customers come in. By choosing us to dispose of old uPVC windows with, you can benefit from a sustainable, cost-effective solution to recycling.

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Disposing of Old uPVC Windows – The Process

Our uPVC recycling process is simple, quick and beneficial for both the customer and the environment. Once you have sorted your old uPVC windows and doors, we can come and collect them from you. Alternatively, you can come and drop these off at our HQ if this is more convenient for you. As well as old windows and doors, we are happy to take off-cuts from you, as we can transform these into brand-new products.

Once you dispose of your uPVC windows and doors with us, we can start our process. You won’t have to worry about removing each component, as this is part of our service! The uPVC is put through a mechanical shredder once it reaches our recycling centre. This makes it easier to organise each component.

If the products have metals and magnetic material, then not to worry. We will remove this, as well as the handles and hardware. Using innovative, state-of-the-art machinery, we can sort the individual pieces into colours and will compress them down into smaller pieces.

Following this, the materials are arranged based on their usage, size and colour. The compression stage consists of pelletisation of the pieces. The filtration system works to convert the uPVC into durable pellets, free from contamination.

The pellets are small, round pieces of uPVC which can then be transformed into brand new uPVC windows and doors. Therefore by disposing of old uPVC windows, we can manufacture them into a range of high-performance home improvement products.

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Benefits of Disposing Old uPVC Windows


Sustainability is our number one priority here at VEKA. The impact our work makes on the environment is stellar, as we transform underperforming products into fantastic windows and doors. Our job here is to try and reduce plastic waste that is taking up our landfills. We are proud to say that with our work, over 3million tonnes of CO2 has been saved!

Quick and Easy

Our process means that we can come to you to collect the uPVC windows from you. We can come to your location in our low emission fleet, taking every part of the window. This includes the hardware, glass and metal parts, as we will sort this out once it reaches our recycling centre. This makes disposing of old uPVC windows simple and easy for you.


Not only are tips and landfills detrimental to the environment, but they are expensive to use. We offer competitive prices to dispose of old uPVC windows and doors, giving you an ideal solution. As well as this, by transforming old uPVC units into new ones, we don’t charge as much as other companies do. Yet our products are still made to an exceptionally high quality.

Disposing of Old uPVC Window Prices

Work with VEKA today to dispose of old uPVC windows and doors. We would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to fill out our online contact form. You can call our office directly on 01933 427750, and we’ll happily answer any questions you have for us.

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