VEKA and the Environment

Working as a recycling specialist demands a serious commitment to the environment. The VEKA brand name is synonymous with positive environmental solutions. Aside from establishing our famous closed-loop uPVC recycling process, we also show our green credentials in a variety of other ways.

Here at VEKA Recycling, we work meticulously to make each stage of our service as kind to the environment as physically possible. We strive to have unrivalled attention to detail, which has gone a long way towards our steady growth since starting our UK initiative in 2007. We have worked to ensure that we are lowering our carbon footprint year on year, utilising the latest and most innovative technology wherever we can. We take pride in leading the industry with our eco-friendly alternatives to outdated recycling practices.

Benefits of our Closed Process

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What Does This all Mean?

Less Diesel, Less Emissions

We at VEKA Recycling offer a free pickup service with all the uPVC disposal bags we supply to our customers. With this, we had to consider how we could reduce our emissions while still delivering the hassle free service we have gained a reputation for.

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As a result, the percentage of our vehicles that run on LPG as opposed to diesel is growing with each passing year. Liquified Petroleum Gas is an incredibly efficient fuel alternative, which lowers the carbon emissions of our fleet as a whole. Furthermore, we also consistently review the routes which all our vehicles drive, tailoring journeys with fuel efficiency and carbon emissions in mind. Where possible, we will use as little of our fleet as possible on a single working day. We do this by using select vehicles for both drop-offs and collections.

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Lowered Need to Recycle

By extruding fresh uPVC profiles that can have exceptional lifespans, there is a lowered demand for further recycling. Each uPVC window or door we produce at VEKA can realistically last for over three decades. With the 350 year complete lifespan, our windows and doors only need to be recycled ten times.

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Although our process is incredibly eco-cautious and has been meticulously perfected, there's no hiding it still uses an incredibly small amount of energy to complete the process and produce new pellets. With the longer lifespan of our windows, there is a less regular demand for the profiles to be recycled into pellets once again. This therefore uses less energy, making our recycling process even more eco-friendly and kinder to the environment than it was beforehand.

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Tailored to Windows & Doors

Our initiative here at VEKA works specifically with the recycling of uPVC windows and doors. By working in a specific field, we aren’t spreading ourselves too thin. With this, we can work closely with waste companies and window and door manufacturers to ensure that this industry is becoming eco-friendlier.

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We are proud to say that we at VEKA PLC supported the design of the UK’s first BFRC ‘A’ Rated window and the first fully reinforced, double-glazed window to gain the ‘A’ Rating, helping cut carbon dioxide emissions dramatically. The uPVC pellets that we offer to our approved extruders up and down the country will continue to produce window and door frames that provide better thermal efficiency and building products with decreased carbon footprint.

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Get in Touch!

If you’re interested in working with VEKA Recycling in our bid for a greener, more sustainable environment, then please get in contact today. We look forward to hearing from you and answering any questions that may have about our environmental pledge.