The VEKA Recycling Process

Here at VEKA, we offer a unique recycling process for any windows or doors which have been deemed to be at their ‘end of life’. Our innovative procedure can create new uPVC home improvement products of the same quality as their predecessors.

By using our loop closing process, we can recycle uPVC windows and doors up to ten times. These products usually last about 30-40 years before they reach ‘end of life’. As a result, one uPVC window or door can have as much as 350 years of usage when it is recycled at VEKA. We have been perfecting each stage of our recycling process since we started our initiative in 1993. At VEKA we are continually working to improve our recycling process.

The Process

Once your batch of uPVC windows and doors has been transported to our facility, we can begin our four step closed loop process. Each stage has been perfected over the years, ensuring that we are being as environmentally friendly as possible while also extracting the maximum amount of uPVC from each batch. Keep reading for a detailed breakdown of exactly how your old uPVC windows and doors would be recycled into the pellets.


Using all the uPVC

Once the uPVC windows and doors have made it to our facility, we can begin our process -by shredding the material into smaller pieces.

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Separating Metal

From here, we break up the material in our sorting system. The first steps sort by size so that we can handle each piece in the best possible way. Next we remove any metals that have been present in the window or door, including all the handles and hinges (remember – you don’t have to take these off for us, we have the technology!)

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Removing any Colour or Finishes

Now we have a mostly metal free uPVC material. Just to be sure we will take out any metals that we missed the first time. We next size reduce again so we have a more controllable product we can sort really efficiently.  We remove any stones or glass or non uPVC parts – including rubber gaskets and then sort the material into colours. This gives us clean material all sorted into different types.

uPVC Recycling

The Final Compression Stage

Once all the metals and colours have been separated, and we’re left with a uniform size and coloured material. We can now begin the final stage of our recycling process, VEKA Compounds. Using our innovative melt filtration system, we turn the uPVC into contamination free pellets. These are then passed onto our approved extruders.

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Why Recycle uPVC with VEKA?

  • We started our initiative in 2007 with the aim of battling the misconceptions against uPVC as a material. Many manufacturers are actively searching for alternatives to uPVC, while we believe that it is still the most practical and versatile material out there.
  • Despite its naturally long lifespan, it requires very little maintenance and can be continually reincarnated. This actually makes it one of the most sustainable materials available to the home improvement market.
  • Because of that, we have worked day and night to ensure that make sure that our recycling process is as environmentally friendly as possible. We are working towards a more sustainable, greener environment, without having to cut uPVC from our homes.

Get in Contact Now!

If you’re interested in working with VEKA to recycle your old uPVC windows and doors, get in contact today. Our friendly team will be more than happy to answer any queries you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!