PVC Recycling Prices

At VEKA Recycling, we offer competitive PVC recycling prices for your used PVC windows and doors. We aim to make the PVC industry more sustainable through our eco-friendly operating systems. Our processes make it easier for our customers to get rid of their tired PVC products with ease.

PVC window and door profiles bring many benefits to both residential and commercial properties. They enhance security, thermal performance and durability. We know that PVC can be reproduced up to ten times by effective recycling and have a lifespan of 350 years.

Alongside our sister company, VEKA Compounds, we reproduce the recycled PVC produce and turn them into pellets for window and door profiles. Our fantastic PVC recycling prices ensure that we offer reasonable pricing to pave the way for PVC sustainability.

PVC Window Recycling Prices

Our Mission

Our recycling initiative started in 2007 to improve the reputation of PVC window and door profiles. There are many alternative options that manufacturers and installers may use PVC, and we wanted to change their minds. We know that PVC profiles offer fantastic benefits and can be recycled to continue its high-performance.

By recycling old PVC windows and doors, we could give them a new lease of life, that can be used in brand-new products. By offering eco-friendly PVC pellets, manufacturers can offer their customers 100% recyclable products that offer high-performance. We believe that by offering sustainable products, manufacturers and installers will find it a great USP.

In each stage of our PVC recycling process, we ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible. From low emission diesel of our cars to multiple collections, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint. Thanks to our fantastic PVC recycling prices, you can help towards the sustainability of our industry. So far, we have achieved:

– 3,000,000 tones on CO2 saved.

– 25,000 uPVC windows recycled

– 5000 refitted uPVC units

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PVC Recycling Process

Firstly, we offer a free collection of any old PVC products. Our drivers collect multiple windows and doors in one go, and we make sure we don’t take any unnecessary routes to reduce the time on the road. From start to finish, we plan every step and analyse how we can be greener.

Our PVC recycling prices include advanced technologies that efficiently break down and recycling your PVC products. We start by shredding the PVC into smaller pieces so it can easily be sort through. The next step is to sort the pieces by size and get rid of any unwanted metals.

We continue to sort by size again before we get rid of any glass and other non-PVC materials. The final stage is VEKA compounds that use a melt filtration system that turns PVC pieces into contamination-free pellets.

PVC Recycling Benefits 

Our closed-loop process means that the same PVC window and door can be recycled up to ten times. Each product has a lifespan of up to 40 years, meaning that the total lifecycle is 350 years. This means that there is less need to produce new windows using less eco-friendly systems.

We use the technologies that all you have to do is give us your windows and doors. You can leave the hardware accessories, for example, letterboxes and handles, as we do the rest. The PVC recycling prices that we offer includes convenient services and comprehensive service.

Dumping old PVC products into a landfill can be expensive for the economy. By recycling PVC, we can all contribute to economic benefits. By investing in sustainable practices, we can improve our carbon footprint and help improve climate change.

We work closely with waste management companies and manufacturers to ensure that we provide eco-friendly PVC solutions. By working together, we believe that there will be an increase in PVC recycling and knowledge of its benefits.

No one has to worry about recycled PVC not being as robust as it was once brand-new. It is just as durable and long-lasting, providing excellent weather and impact resistant qualities. Speak to a member of our team to learn more about our process and our PVC recycling prices.

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PVC Recycling Prices

As specialists in the industry, we offer competitive PVC recycling prices. If you would like to hear more about our services, send us your questions through our online contact form. Our friendly team have years of experience in the industry and are happy to hear more about your queries.

Alternatively, you can also give us a ring on 01933 427750 and speak to one of our experts. We want to spread the word on the benefits of PVC recycling and how we can improve our industry’s sustainability. We look forward to hearing from you.

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