PVC Window Recycling

PVC window recycling could not be easier with VEKA. Starting our recycling initiative in 2007, we aim to increase the manufacturing of recycled PVC windows. We take tired PVC windows and compress them down into pellets that can be used to make brand-new eco-friendly PVC windows.

Our comprehensive recycling process starts with the collection of PVC windows in low emission diesel cars to supplying manufacturing companies with sustainable pellets. Each part of the process is carefully designed to ensure that we are continually helping the environment.

Recycling PVC windows can help to reduce landfill and minimise waste. By choosing VEKA Recycling, our customers can benefit from an easy and cost-effective way of recycling. Our recycled PVC windows can be recycled up to ten times and have an incredible lifespan of 350 years.

PVC Window Recycling Services

PVC Window Recycling Process

From start to finish, we aim to reduce our levels of CO2 emissions as best we can. If you need your PVC windows recycled, we arrange free collection. All you need to worry about is collecting any old and tired PVC windows. We have state-of-the-art that takes care of the whole recycling process.

Once your PVC windows reach our warehouse, the first step of PVC window recycling is to shred them. We shred the PVC window into smaller components, so it is easier for us to separate each one for further recycling.

We remove any metals and non-PVC materials, including handles and hardware. Using cutting-edge technologies, we sort through all materials with ease. Once any metals are taken out, we separate the existing pieces into colours. Once again, we compress their size for us to make them into pellets effectively.

The final part of the PVC window recycling process is to turn the PVC into robust pellets. We use an advanced melting filtration system to produce contamination-free pellets. These plastic pellets can be used to make beautiful new PVC windows that have fantastic thermal performance and security. By opting for PVC window recycling, you can help us to reduce waste and create new and durable products.

PVC Window Recycling

PVC Window Recycling Benefits 


By opting for PVC window recycling, it is a cheap way to get rid of any unwanted windows. Waste reaching landfill is a very costly process as the site needs constant monitoring. We offer competitive pricing for PVC window recycling and in turn, make long-lasting, eco-friendly products.

Each brand-new PVC window that our recycled pellets make has a lifespan of 30-40 years and can be recycled up to ten times. Each time the PVC does not end up on landfills, it saves the economy a lot of money. Sustainable PVC windows provide excellent security, thermal performance and design, a worthwhile investment for PVC window recycling.

Easy Process

For our customers, it is easy. All you need to do is collect your unwanted PVC windows, and we do the rest. We arrange free collection and carry out PVC window recycling with the latest technologies. Since we launched this initiative in 2007, we have researched and developed the best ways to recycle PVC products into pellets.

We have built a great reputation for closing the loop on PVC recycling; we ensure that we use only the best methods in an environmentally friendly way. Our innovative procedures create products that will be low maintenance, reliable and robust.   

Environmentally Friendly 

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. We want to increase the amount of PVC window recycling as we can and restore them into eco-friendly pellets. Since 2007, we have managed to recycle a fantastic amount of PVC and improve our carbon footprint, including;

– Saving 3,00,000 tonnes of CO2

– Recycling 25,000 PVC windows

– Refitting 5,000 recycled PVC windows

People still are trying to look for alternatives to PVC, and we aim to improve the awareness of the benefits of PVC window recycling. Using recycled materials is just as robust as brand-new PVC products and still provide excellent insulation and security for any property, residential and commercial.

PVC Window Recycling Prices 

Contact VEKA today to start your PVC window recycling journey and helping us become more sustainable. If you have any questions, fill out our online contact form, and a member of our friendly team will ask any questions that you may have. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 01933 427750 and speak to an expert.

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