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With VEKA Recycling, its never been easier to recycle old windows. Rather than go through the hassle of throwing your old uPVC away into landfill, which costs time and money, you can reuse your frames for less. That way, you can not only improve your business and its productivity but help the planet as well.

As an independent branch of VEKA, We started recycling uPVC window frames back in 2007 when we realised that we had to make a lasting change for our environment. Today, we’ve developed a closed-loop process that not only reduces waste but makes uPVC frames reusable ten times over.

With our recycling system, you can make a significant difference in how your uPVC business operates. Our recycling process is much more cost-effective and sustainable than disposing of your old frames. Not only that, but we do nearly all of the work for you, giving you more time to focus on more pressing issues.

Working with VEKA, you can be sure of making the responsible choice for your business. We’re the market leader in uPVC recycling, and we take our commitment to the environment seriously. With us, you can send away old frames and get back ones that are good as new and can ensure superb performance for customer after customer.

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Why Recycle Old Windows?

When you recycle old windows, you can save money for your business and get other benefits. If you currently throw your old window frames away, you’ll know that it requires money and effort to do this. You’ll also either have to pay a contractor to take your old uPVC to a landfill site or do it yourself, costing even more time.

With VEKA, you can take away this hassle. As well as that, our recycling is far better for our planet. Because uPVC is a form of plastic, it could take hundreds of years to degrade properly. That means you’ll be creating unnecessary waste and spending more money on doing so.

As well as that, recycling can give your old windows a new lease of life. Instead of throwing them away, you can reuse your frames in new windows. Thanks to our closed-loop process, they’ll be as effective and durable as before, meaning they can benefit multiple homes in their lifespan.

Because of this, you can cut down on your uPVC costs massively. As well as reducing the cost of waste, you’ll also need less uPVC to run your business, saving you even more money. That way, you can continue to provide your customers with fabulous windows, but also grow your business.

That way, everybody can benefit when you recycle old windows. With VEKA Recycling, you’ll work with a partner that gives you the best recycling benefits. We can not only help our planet by reducing our waste and emissions, but we’ll also help your business and your customers to thrive.

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How We Recycle uPVC Windows

For greater peace of mind, our four-step process is the most effective and sustainable way to recycle uPVC windows. Not only do we reduce waste using our method, but we also reduce the amount of work you have to do. Just separate your uPVC window frames, and we’ll do the rest.

Firstly, we’ll pick up your frames using our low-emission fleet, removing the hassle for your business. That way, you’ll have more time and money to focus on more important things. Then, we’ll go about shredding your frames and reducing their size to more manageable amounts.

Using our innovative sorting system, we can separate your frames from any metal or glass. We can even take away handles, hinges and any other accessories from your uPVC, continuing to make things easier for your business.

Then, we continue to break down your uPVC until we can transform it into small, contamination-free pellets. We’ll then supply it to trusted extruders, and you’ll get window frames back from us that are as good as new. That way, you’ll get a brilliant performance that’s also environmentally friendly.

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Our Mission

At VEKA, we have made it our mission to recycle old windows in a sustainable way that makes a genuine difference to our world.

We want to ensure that our industry can maintain its supply of uPVC. We believe that this material is the best available for businesses and homes across the UK. Thanks to our thorough process, we hope to provide our industry with a supply of uPVC that can last for years to come.

As well as that, we want to help your business grow. Our process can retain uPVC’s qualities even as it is recycled multiple times. That way, you can continue to use your uPVC for hundreds of years, ensuring sustainability and longevity for your business.

Additionally, we are committed to reducing our emissions and helping our planet. Our recycling process guarantees that your business can make a genuine contribution to helping our environment. Because of this, we can work together to improve our planet.

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Recycle Old Windows UK

With VEKA, your business can recycle old windows all around the UK. Our service allows you to reduce your carbon footprint and make it easier to run your business.

Use our online contact form today to get in touch with us about recycling your old windows today!

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