Recycled doors and windows

At Veka, we take pride in offering recycled doors and windows to home improvement specialists in the UK. We have been working with recycled materials since 2007, helping uPVC products avoid landfill at the end of their long lives. We value the benefits of uPVC, enjoying their long lifespan and versatility, as well as the lack of maintenance. We believe doors and windows are too valuable and useful to be dumped.

Once uPVC profiles have reached the end of their 30 to 40 year lifespan, we can shred and compress the materials into pellets. They can be extruded into uPVC, creating high quality recycled doors and windows. Because this process can be repeated up to ten times, one window or door frame could be used for over 300 years. We use an environmentally friendly recycling process, from collection through to pelletising.

The Process of Creating Recycled Doors and Windows

We take enormous pride in having perfected our closed loop recycling process for recycled windows and doors. Our market leading methods are allowing more and more home improvement specialists to enjoy recycled doors and windows. We have a state of the art facility, which handles the bulk of the process, shredding the batch prior to separating any materials and colours before eventually pelletising.

Once we have worked with you to establish your requirements, you can start to collect any old uPVC doors and windows from installations. This can also include any off cuts from manufacturing. You don’t need to separate them by colours or remove any metal parts either. Once you’ve done this, one of our efficient team members will come to you and collect the profiles.

Once back at our facility, we shred the uPVC profiles and off-cuts. From there, two separate stages will take out any magnetic and non-magnetic metals. Once removed, a separation system will reduce the size of pieces and then sort them by colours.

Once the material has been sorted, the uPVC is pelletised to produce contamination free pellets which can be extruded back into new products. Despite being recycled, the material will be just as durable as a new uPVC windows and doors.

Our Recycling Mission

We are working to rectify the number of prejudgments against recycled doors and windows. Despite changes in other European countries that we work in, British installers still prefer to use newly manufactured uPVC instead of our stunning range of recycled doors and windows.

In the next few years, we hope that we can work with more British installers who choose to offer their customers recycled doors and windows. This can help fight against product depletion, a cause we are greatly passionate about.

As a sign of our commitment to the environment and to our range of recycled doors and windows, we are proud to boast the ISO 14001 accreditation. This worldwide recognised certification is the most widely used and respected of its kind, we are one of over 250,000 internationally registered organisations. By holding this certification, it proves we adhere to environmental policies and work to reduce pollution.

Benefits of Recycled Doors and Windows

upvc recyling


Disposing of your old uPVC windows and doors can be expensive. Getting them removed and sent to landfill is also an unnecessary expense for your business. However, we cut these costs for you with our recycled doors and windows.  Sending old uPVC products to VEKA will save you time, effort, and money. We can also pick up the doors and windows if this better suits you.


It’s more important now more than ever to recycle when possible and reduce your carbon emissions. With VEKA, you can rely on us to help you make a positive environmental impact with our recycled doors and windows. Landfills getting overrun with plastic is a huge issue that we are trying to tackle. Our goal is to change the planet for the better. We are proud to say we’ve removed three million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions with our recycled doors and windows.

Low Maintenance

Sustainability is incredibly important to us. Disposing of materials with VEKA is an environmentally friendly solution to improving your home. Benefit from a recycled window that requires minimal maintenance to keep it performing at the highest level. With the ability to be recycled, you can enjoy an extended lifespan with recycled doors and windows.

High Quality Products

We use precision engineering and market leading craftmanship in our recycled doors and window. We supply these lengths of plastic to the fabricator, who then manufactures the windows and doors with bespoke glass and robust hardware. After the production is completed, the profile is sent to an installer who then fits our recycled doors and windows into your home or business.

Get In Touch Today

If you’re interested in working with VEKA and helping out the planet without compromising on quality then get in touch today. Our skilled team of experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the process or our recycled doors and windows. We look forward to hearing from you!

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