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With VEKA Recycling, you can make the responsible choice for your business with uPVC recycling. While uPVC is a durable material that can last for 30-40 years in homes, most companies throw their used uPVC away into a landfill. As an independent branch of VEKA, we want to make a lasting change to how we use this material.

Instead of wasting it, VEKA’s revolutionary process allows you to recycle your uPVC to use it again, and again. Our process will enable us to recycle your uPVC up to ten times over, meaning one window frame could last for 300 years. That way, you’ll save money for your business and save the planet.

Our initiative is market-leading, and we offer the most thorough recycling process available for businesses in the UK. You can benefit massively from reusing uPVC, as can your customers. If we all recycled our old window frames, we would never run out of this versatile material.

So then, why not bring your business forward into the future? With VEKA, you can benefit from stunning uPVC frames that can save you valuable time and money. If you want to help the planet with your business practices, then working with VEKA is guaranteed to make your company greener.

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Benefits of uPVC Recycling

uPVC is a form of plastic, meaning that it can take decades to degrade after you throw it away. Wasting uPVC not only puts an unnecessary strain on our environment but also costs your business money to deposit. With VEKA, you can solve both of these problems and add huge benefits for your business.

uPVC recycling is straightforward and more cost-effective than throwing it away. You can recycle both your uPVC windows and doors with our service, allowing you to reuse the frames for both purposes. As well as that, you can be sure that our recycled uPVC can still perform at the same level as before.

uPVC recycling is a far more convenient option for your business. As opposed to dumping your uPVC yourself or contracting another company to do it for you, you can get a singular service that takes care of everything. Not only that, but VEKA will give you back durable uPVC that’s ready for action.

Additionally, VEKA can help your business stay compliant with legislation. New procedures on uPVC recycling come into law every year from both the EU and the British government. However, VEKA’s sustainable process ensures your business doesn’t have to worry.

Finally, you can improve your business’s value with VEKA. Our recycled uPVC can be reused up to ten times, meaning a single frame can last hundreds of years. That way, you set your company up for longevity and continued success. At VEKA, we’ve recycled 25,000 uPVC windows. Together, we can bring your business and our planet forward.

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Our uPVC Recycling Process

At VEKA, we take the work and time out of uPVC recycling. We have an innovative closed-loop process that we’ve perfected over a decade of practice. All you have to do to get started is separate your uPVC window and door frames from their double glazing.

Once we collect all of your uPVC, ensuring there’s no waste, we begin by shredding your uPVC down into smaller pieces. From there, your old materials travel through our smart sorting system. There, we separate your uPVC from metals, as well as handles or hinges – which you don’t have to take off, either!

After this, we sort our uPVC by colours and break it down again, so we can deal with it in the most efficient way possible. Once again, we remove any errant metals from your uPVC, as well as stones or glass. Then, we finally compress your uPVC into contamination-free pellets, using our superb melt filtration system.

Thanks to our process, you can recycle your uPVC quickly and efficiently. That way, you’ll also be making the responsible choice for your business. Our services use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices throughout, so you know you’ll be doing your bit for the planet as well.

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Our Mission

At VEKA, we have three missions that we want to achieve through our recycling initiative.

Firstly, we want to ensure that we can continue to use uPVC in our industry. Thanks to our system, each of your uPVC frames can last for hundreds of years. That way, we can offer advanced uPVC technology to homeowners across the UK almost indefinitely.

Secondly, we want to help your business grow and thrive by using green practices. Reusing your uPVC can save you considerable amounts of money and time on disposing your uPVC and buying new frames. Not only that, but our recycled frames retain their strength, ensuring your customers will continue to be satisfied.

Finally, we feel that it is crucial we do as much as we can to help our planet. At VEKA Recycling, we work day and night to ensure that we are as environmentally friendly as possible. Working with us, you can have peace of mind that your business can do as much as possible to help the environment too.

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uPVC Recycling UK

At VEKA, our uPVC recycling can help your business, and our planet, thrive. If you want to find out how much you could save by working with us, then use our online contact form today!

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