uPVC Recycling Prices

With VEKA, you can get uPVC recycling prices that might surprise you. Because uPVC recycling seems like a complicated process, you may think that it is unattainable for your business. However, our recycling is more sustainable, more manageable and even cheaper to dispose of than your old uPVC.

We already know that uPVC is a superb, durable material for windows and doors. It can last for up to forty years in homes across the UK and offer great energy-saving benefits for your customers. However, we at VEKA believe that your uPVC could last much, much longer than that.

We use a closed-loop process that recycles your uPVC, and also maintains its strength and performance. That way, you’ll be able to use your uPVC up to ten times over, saving your business money and making it more sustainable too. With fewer costs and more uPVC, recycling your old window and door frames can help your business to thrive.

With VEKA Recycling, recycling is straightforward. We’re an independent branch of VEKA that offers competitive uPVC recycling prices and use sustainable values in every aspect of our service. Working with us, you can reduce your waste and make your business more sustainable, creating a brighter future for your company and our world.

uk upvc recycling costs

Benefits of uPVC Recycling

A crucial benefit of uPVC recycling is reducing prices for your business. If you dispose of your window and door frames into landfill, then you know this process takes time and effort. As well as that, putting your old uPVC landfill is incredibly costly.

With VEKA, you’ll be able to recycle your uPVC frames quickly and without worry. You can call out our dedicated team at a moment’s notice to pick up your old frames with our low-emission fleet. We can even pick up uPVC that has handles and hinges still attached, saving you more time to work on more important goals.

However, you’ll be working towards perhaps the most significant goal imaginable: helping our planet. Recycling uPVC uses less plastic, which takes centuries to degrade in landfill sites, and produces less harmful emissions.

Working with VEKA, you can make sure your business stays ahead of the game. Our recycling is compliant with EU and British law, and we’ll ensure it remains compliant with any new legislation too. Because of this, you’ll have peace of mind that you’ll be supplying excellent products.

Finally, you’ll be bringing your business firmly into the modern age. Thanks to our incredible uPVC recycling prices, you can improve your efficiency as well as reducing your environmental impact. That way, you’ll be able to offer a sustainable service that works for customers and works for you too.

upvc frames recycling prices uk

Our uPVC Recycling Process

We can ensure your uPVC can perform for hundreds of years, thanks to our innovative recycling process. We take the hard work out of uPVC recycling for your business, and at competitive prices. Just separate your uPVC frames from their double glazing, and we’ll do the rest.

We start our four-step process by shredding all of your uPVC down, to ensure that we don’t waste any precious material. Then, we use our sorting system to break up your uPVC, separating it from any metals. These include handles and hinges, which you won’t have to remove yourself.

Once again, we separate the new material down to an even smaller size to make sure that no glass, metal or coloured finish is present in your uPVC. At this stage, we can also separate everything into individual materials so that we don’t waste any gaskets, hinges and more valuable products.

Then, we compress your uPVC into manageable and sustainable pellets. With our melt filtration system, we can ensure that your uPVC remains contamination-free and also retains its strength and performance. That way, we can give your business frames that feel as good as new.

upvc frames recycling uk

Our Mission

At VEKA, we’re committed and driven to improving our world through our recycling process. We’ve made it our mission to offer uPVC recycling prices that convince our industry to make a lasting change.

We want to help businesses across our industry grow because we don’t believe growth and sustainability are opposites. If anything, we think they can go hand in hand with one another. Our process reduces waste and cost for your business, allowing your company to thrive while being more environmentally friendly.

As well as that, our process means we can limit losses to uPVC in our industry. Because of this, we can ensure that we get the most out of this versatile and durable material, which we believe is still the market leader.

Finally, we tailor every aspect of our recycling service to promote sustainable values. We’ve recycled over 25,000 uPVC windows for more than ten years, giving us the experience and know-how to improve your business with fantastic recycled frames.

uk upvc recycling prices

uPVC Recycling Prices UK

VEKA is proud to offer competitive uPVC recycling prices across the UK. We want to help your business, and our planet thrive well into the future.

Get in touch with us today using our online contact form, and find out how much your business could benefit from uPVC recycling.

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