uPVC Windows & Doors Recycling at VEKA

VEKA take pride in offering a uPVC windows recycling and uPVC Doors recycling service to home improvement specialists in the UK. We started our market leading initiative in the UK in 2007 and have been working to perfect our entire recycling process in the decade that has passed since. Typically, when uPVC products reach their ‘end of life’, they are thrown on the overstretched landfills. We sought to change that, valuing the material’s long lifespan and versatility, as well the lack of maintenance it requires. It’s simply too valuable to be dumped.

As a result, we worked to create our market leading closed loop recycling process for old uPVC doors. Once they have reached the end of their 30-40 year lifespan, we can shred and compress the materials into pellets. These can be extruded into uPVC which can be used in new high grade products. This process can be repeated up to ten times, meaning one window frame or door could be used for over 300 years. With this, we can realistically sustain the amount of uPVC in the UK indefinitely. What’s more, we use an environmentally friendly recycling process, from collection through to pelletising.

The Process

Here at VEKA, we take enormous pride in having perfected our closed loop recycling process for windows and doors. Our industry leading methods are allowing more and more home improvement specialists to begin recycling their old uPVC. Very little work is required at your end, making the whole uPVC recycling process easy and stress free for you. We handle the bulk of the process at our state of the art facility - shredding the batch before separating any other materials and colours and eventually pelletising.

Separate Any Glazing

Once we have worked with you to establish our best service for your company, you can start to collect any old uPVC windows and doors from installations. This can include any off-cuts from manufacturing you may have too. You don’t need to separate them by colours or remove any metal components either.

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Once you’ve done your bit, one of VEKA’s team will come to collect the windows. We carefully plan routes so that our drivers can complete multiple jobs in one day and minimise wasted travelling.

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Shredding & Sorting

Once back at our state of the art facility, we shred the uPVC windows and uPVC doors and off-cuts. From there, two separate stages will remove any magnetic and non-magnetic metals that may exist in the frame of the product. Once removed, a separation system will size reduce the pieces and then sort by colours.

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Pelletising & Completion

Once the material is sorted, the uPVC is pelletised to produce contamination free pellets which can be extruded back into new products. Despite being recycled, the material will be just as durable as a new uPVC equivalent.

upvc recycling prices uk
upvc recycling prices uk

Why Recycle uPVC Windows and Doors?


As a form of plastic, uPVC can take decades to biodegrade on landfill. This is bad for the environment as well as a waste of valuable material. By recycling with VEKA, we can put old windows to good use.

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All our uPVC pellets are produced using our finely tuned and eco-friendly procedure. We don’t use any harmful chemicals throughout the entire recycling process. This includes lead, which has been removed entirely from all our work. As part of our bid for a greener environment, we developed an industry leading calcium organic alternative to the stabilisers that we used before.

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Choosing to dump old uPVC doors on landfill rather than recycling could prove to be a costly move. Any uPVC that is thrown on landfill – including off-cuts – comes directly out of your company’s profits.

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If you are a window company, showing your commitment to a greener future as a home improvements specialist could open you up to a broader audience and make you a more attractive installer. Nowadays many homeowners are avoiding companies that aren't environmentally aware. Recycling with us could open you up to this audience, which could lead to increased profits over time.

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Easy & Convenient

Moving ‘end of life’ uPVC products to landfill is not only expensive but stressful and time consuming. On the other hand, we offer a hassle free service that requires very little work your end.

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All that needs sorting is the removal of any glass. This means that metal components - including gaskets and handles - can remain in the window frames. With uPVC doors, you can leave any letterboxes or knockers that may be fitted. We handle all of that our end.

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Our Recycling Mission with uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors

  • We are working to battle the number of prejudgments against recycled uPVC. Despite changes in other European countries that VEKA works in, installers in the UK still prefer to use newly manufactured uPVC with their new home improvement products.
  • In the coming years, we hope that we can increase the amount of installers that choose to offer recycled uPVC windows or doors to their clients. This can help fight against product depletion, something which we’re incredibly passionate about here at VEKA.

Start Recycling Your uPVC Windows & uPVC Doors with VEKA

If you’re interested in having VEKA as your uPVC window recycling or uPVC door recycling specialist, get in contact with us today. Our friendly, highly skilled team can call you at a time that suits your schedule. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our whole process too. We look forward to hearing from you!