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With VEKA, you can work with a uPVC window recycling company that you can trust. We’ve been making a sustainable contribution to our planet for over ten years, and we’ve created a revolutionary process. That way, your business can benefit massively from working with us to recycle your uPVC windows.

Many businesses across the UK often waste older uPVC, disposing of it at landfills. However, at VEKA, we think there’s a better way for everybody. You can recycle your uPVC windows with us, saving you money and time on throwing it away.

As well as that, you could save vast amounts of money for your business. Our revolutionary closed-loop process ensures that you can reuse our uPVC time after time. These frames can be recycled up to ten times and can last your company 300 years, while also retaining their strength and performance.

With VEKA, you can work with the market-leader in uPVC window recycling. We’re an independent branch of VEKA that strives each day to achieve our goal of making our planet, and our industry, more sustainable. Working with us, you can help save money for your business and energy for our world.

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Benefits of uPVC Window Recycling

We believe that throwing your uPVC away after a single use is a needless option. For a start, throwing away uPVC window frames costs time and money for your business. Not only that, but you also have to source new uPVC, drawing out this process.

With VEKA, uPVC window recycling has loads of benefits. Rather than waste time wasting your old window frames, why not send them to us? That way, you can save money and time on disposal, and create huge savings on your windows. You’ll be able to use and waste far less uPVC too, making your business much more efficient.

That way, your customers will benefit from uPVC that is more environmentally friendly. As well as that, you’ll improve the way your business operates. We’ll even take your uPVC away from your site using our low-emission fleet, ensuring you need to do as little as possible.

You can be sure that when you partner with VEKA for your uPVC window recycling, we’ll work to move your business forward. We’ll ensure you stay on top of any new recycling legislation, and offer you a sustainable service. That way, you can make the most significant possible contribution to a greener planet.

We’ve already recycled over 25,000 uPVC windows, giving us the experience and the know-how to be a market leader in recycling. We’ve also removed three million tons of carbon dioxide emissions from our work. However, we want to do more – and together, we can bring about lasting change.

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Our uPVC Window Recycling Process

At VEKA, we’ve created a process that makes uPVC window recycling straightforward and sustainable. We take the hassle out of dealing with your uPVC. That’s because all you have to do is separate the frames from the double glazing.

Then, we take it away and compress your uPVC into smaller sizes, separating any errant metal or glass from the frame. That way, we ensure our process is as sustainable as possible. Also, you can have peace of mind that your uPVC will return to you in perfect condition.

Once we’ve reduced your uPVC window recycling to an even smaller size, we put your uPVC through our metal filtration system. This innovative machine transforms the uPVC into contamination-free pellets. They are clean, sustainable and efficient so that your business can become greener.

Because we at VEKA use a thorough process in our uPVC window recycling, you’ll get your uPVC back at peak condition. You’ll be able to reuse your window frames time and time again, satisfying customers with their excellent performance every time. That way, you can grow your business and save money while doing it.

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Our Mission

At VEKA, we want to make a difference with our services in three distinct ways.

Firstly, we want to make a worthwhile contribution to our planet. We believe that uPVC is not only an excellent material to use in your windows, but that we shouldn’t waste any. Working with us, you can reduce your business’s carbon footprint and begin your contribution to a brighter future for our planet.

As well as that, we want to help our industry thrive for generations to come. With more uPVC window recycling, we can preserve our stock of the material for longer with less cost. That way, we can continue to provide homeowners with windows that will genuinely benefit their homes.

Also, we’re committed to making your business more sustainable as well as more efficient. With our closed-loop recycling process, a single uPVC frame can retain its strength and energy-saving benefits for up to 300 years. That way, you’ll spend less on uPVC and gain more money, while also doing your bit to help the planet.

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uPVC Window Recycling UK

With VEKA, your business can benefit from uPVC window recycling all across the UK.

Use our online contact form today to ask us any questions about our services, and find out how much of a difference we can make to your business.

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