VEKA Wins Best Sustainability Initiative At The G21 Awards

Here at VEKA Recycling, we are heavily invested in sustainable efforts to combat climate change and help the environment. We are immensely proud to be awarded Best Sustainability Initiative at the G21 Awards in London on the 29th November 2021. Being a part of the VEKA Group has made us very aware of the issues regarding waste, and we are happy to help combat this issue.

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The Best Sustainability Initiative award honours companies who work hard to minimise energy usage, reuse and recycle waste and protect the environment. The judges were also looking at companies invested in reducing climate change.

We are extremely invested in reusing and recycling, and in 2020 the VEKA Group produced over 72,000 tonnes of recycled uPVC. This was all down to our amazing recycling facility here at VEKA Recycling.

We are proud to be invested in the sustainable reuse of materials. Most uPVC windows or doors have a lifespan of 30 – 40 years, and the material can be recycled up to ten times which is incredible. With this, we are helping to create windows and doors that will have a lifespan of 350 years. We want to ensure that we prevent materials that can be used again from ending up in landfill sites across the country. The versatility of uPVC, along with practical benefits, means that it can be reused for years to come.

Our Managing Director Neil Evans had this to say:

“We must also acknowledge the huge contribution VEKA Recycling has made. Also part of the VEKA Group, their state-of-the-art facility is the biggest initiative of its kind in the UK and in 2020 it played its part in VEKA Group producing over 72,000 tonnes of recycled PVCu across Europe. While so many in our industry have been challenged sourcing raw materials to support volumes, we had VEKA Recycling to support us. This has put us in an incredibly strong position. At times this year they have delivered five times the level of product that they were contracted to. With virgin material so hard to source, our lines may well have struggled without this strong partnership.”

We are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our sustainability and ensure that we do our best as a company to help reduce climate change. This award appreciates all of our hard work and everything we do. We are immensely grateful and proud to receive this award, and we are looking forward to what we will be able to achieve in the future.

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