Where Can I Recycle uPVC?

Easily Recycle Your uPVC With VEKA

We don’t just take old, solid uPVC frames; we also utilise all of the offcuts, broken pieces and leftovers you have lying around your workshop and after installation jobs into our recycling process so none of it gets left behind.

Recycle Windows Doors across Europe

We have been operating in the UK since 2007, and before then we already had decades of experience and good will from all across Europe for our quality recycling and business practices. Over the years, we have recycled over 10 million uPVC installations, saving over 1 million tonnes of C02 from escaping into the atmosphere through landfill. Because of this, we want to try and get as much old uPVC recycled as possible, having the process be a completely closed loop of recycling, manufacturing, installing and then being recycled again at the end-of-life after 30-40 years or so. Using this process, it is entirely possible for a uPVC window to be reused again and again over 300 years. Realistically, this means that the UK supply of uPVC can be indefinitely sustained without having to resort to more uPVC being made from scratch.

How Do You Recycle uPVC?

When it comes to recycling uPVC, we have an easy to follow four step process to ensure that all of the uPVC we are given can be fully recycled and sent back onto the production line with very little work needed on your own.

Easily Recycled with Veka

Once you have signed up to use our service, simply collect up all of your old windows, off cuts and extra bits and give us a call. You don’t need to even separate them into colours or bits with metal, we can do that ourselves. Once you’ve contacted us, will then send a member of our team out to you to collect up the uPVC and take it back to our facility. We plot out each of our routes so we can pick up from several different installers at once, minimising the amount of trips we take, saving time and also minimising emissions.

After unloading the uPVC at our facility, all of it is put all the window frames, doors and extra pieces through the shredder and minced down back into chunks before putting it through a two-step process to separate out all of metal pieces that may have been inside the frames. Once these have been removed, the pure uPVC is then reduced in size and then separated out by colour in order to remove it and return it back to its initial plain state. Once this is all done, the uPVC is then put through a pelletising process to create small uPVC pellets that can then be put back into production and remade into brand new uPVC products.

The recycling process does not affect the uPVC at all in quality, making it indistinguishable from brand new uPVC.

Saving You Money And Hassle on Recycling uPVC Profile

Dumping old uPVC without recycling it doesn’t just cost you money in dumping fees, it actively comes out of your profits; your old uPVC can easily be remade into brand new uPVC for less cost and stops you from pouring potential revenue down the drain. If you use recycled uPVC in your manufacturing process, you can also increase demand for your product by advertising it as a potential unique selling point, with many people now on the lookout for different ways to help the environment in any way they can.

uPVC Window and Door Shards

Our uPVC Recycling Mission

• We continue to fight against public and industry preconceptions of recycled uPVC in the UK. Many UK manufacturers still prefer to use brand new uPVC for their products, despite being no different in quality and being far more environmentally friendly.

Over the next few years, we aim to increase the amount of home improvement installation companies who actively offer recycled uPVC windows to their clients as a selling point. This could massively help increase the demand for recycled uPVC and fight against product depletion.

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