Window Glass Recycling Near Me

We are specialists in door and window glass recycling at VEKA. We offer an innovative solution to recycling your old uPVC and transforming it into brand new products. Our aim is for a more sustainable environment through reusing old profiles and turning them into high-quality products.

Window glass recycling is easy with our fantastic process. Our aim is to reduce landfill waste and help to sustain the environment. VEKA was founded in 2007 and have been striving to help save the eco-system ever since. This is where our fantastic customers play their part.

Benefit from our unique recycling process that takes old, underperforming windows and doors and turns them into new products for you to purchase. This cost-effective, easy and quick solution will ensure you are choosing the best with your window glass recycling.

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Window Glass Recycling Process

Our window glass recycling process is easy, helping to promote sustainability. Wasting uPVC and throwing it onto tips is not only expensive but can cause unnecessary environmental issues for decades. However, our work at VEKA is here to change that.

  1. Our process of window glass recycling starts with your old windows, which have reached the end of their lifespan. We can then come and collect them from you to put less strain on you having to travel. Alternatively, you can come and drop these off at our HQ if this is a more convenient option for your company.
  2. Not only do we take old windows, as well as doors, but we also remove off-cuts from you. We can transform these into new double glazing products too. You won’t have to concern yourself with removing each component of the window, as we do all of that at our centre.
  3. The window glass recycling at our centre starts with the uPVC being put through a mechanical shredder. This makes it easier to organise each component. If the products have metals and magnetic material, then we can easily remove these. This also includes the removal of handles and hardware.
  4. Using innovative, state-of-the-art machinery at our headquarters, we sort the individual pieces into colours. These are then cleverly compressed down into smaller, easy-to-handle pieces. The materials are arranged based on the size and colour, and how they will be used.
  5. The compression stage consists of pelletisation of the pieces. The filtration system works to convert the uPVC into durable pellets, free from contamination. The pellets are small, round pieces of uPVC which can then be transformed into brand new uPVC windows and doors. Therefore, by disposing of old uPVC windows, we can manufacture them into a range of high-performance home improvement products.
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Benefits of Window Glass Recycling


We strive to be as sustainable as possible here at VEKA. Our process of window glass recycling means you won’t have to dump on landfill. As well as this, the method of manufacturing brand new windows will save you buying brand-new uPVC products at a higher price. The windows we supply can be reused up to ten times. They are designed to rival some of the top window products on the market in terms of performance.

Quick and Easy

Our process means that we can come to you to collect the uPVC windows from you. We can come to your location in our low emission fleet, taking every part of the window. This includes the hardware, glass and metal parts, as we will sort this out once it reaches our recycling centre. This makes disposing of old uPVC windows simple and easy for you.


Not only are tips and landfills detrimental to the environment, but they are expensive to use. We offer competitive prices to dispose of old uPVC windows and doors, giving you an ideal solution. As well as this, by transforming old uPVC units into new ones, we don’t charge as much as other companies do. Yet our products are still made to an exceptionally high quality.

Window Glass Recycling Near Me

Choose VEKA Recycling for your window glass recycling. We offer nationwide service and can travel to your location to pick up your old uPVC windows. With our innovative uPVC recycling process, you can benefit from a cheaper solution to recycling your window glass.

We would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to fill out our online contact form. You can call our office directly on 01933 427750, and we’ll happily answer any questions you have for us.

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